18 Aug 2008


Titan are an amazing heavy prog band from NYC. Have a listen to the track Annals of the Former World on their MySpace, it's incredible. They are label mates with Witch but they need a European deal. I've been asking them to come over to UK play Skill Wizard for about two years. I did an email interview with them a while back... I always seem to get one question in about Sleep.

I noticed some Sleep references with Titan. Can you talk a little about Sleep and how their influence is felt in Titan, if at all?

"Sleep is a very important band to some of us. However I'm not entirely sure the influence is very drastic or direct. If anything we are just as influenced by who Sleep was influenced by. There could be some little things like our website address (www.titanaut.com). Some think our name came from 'Sonic Titan' but it was actually my buddy Ryan out in CA who suggested it. But we all love Sleep and 'Jerusalem' / 'Dopesmoker' is some of the most next level shit you'll ever hear. That record is still making serious fucking waves in the heads of heavy music lovers.


18 May 2008


Danava are a frankly incredible prog/space/insane band. I was fully obsessed with their debut EP and album and they utterly blew my mind playing to 30 people at The Underworld at 7.20pm last year (retarded organisation!) I had a brief email interview chat with their visionary lead dude Dusty Sprinkles. Don't miss them if the play again.

Phil Anselmo recently played guitar on stage with them. I guess he still has it.

Pronounced "don-uh-vuh" right? Where does the name come from?

Yes... we were named by our beloved former synth player Rosy Cross, the master of band names. Danava, in one word, is a demon. It's all too much to explain exactly who and what Danavas were, but for me it simply refers to the lower levels of humanity or the dark side of us all. Using the name, for me, is a personal challenge. We're not trying to be "evil" by using the name.