19 Aug 2009


White Wizzard are exactly what I'm into right now. Dio meets Priest but with some heavy Rush riffing, holy shit! I spoke to their bassist and main man Jon Leon for Issue 20 of Sup Magazine...

There is a classic connection between heavy metal and fantasy right?

Yeah, there is definitely a sense of escapism or other-worldliness that heavy metal has. That’s definitely always been there. And I love dragons. I have two dragon sleeve tattoos. I’ve always loved The Lord of the Rings. And when I was young kid I was obviously into Dungeons and Dragons.There’s definitely an energy that we tap into: dragons, wizards and those old movies like Conan and Dragonslayer. Fantasy seems to have a bit of a symbiotic relationship, especially with power metal. The artwork and imagery evokes a certain kind of energy for sure.


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